FAHNENFLUCHT beim Filmfest in Krakau 28.5.2024


auf dem Filmfest Krakau 2024



Regie Emil Ahlhelm und Konradin Schuchter

Kamera Bence Katai

Montage Julia Furch

If you are a man, you have only two options during a war – stay and fight or leave to save your life. Not everyone wants to lay down their life for their homeland and this should be respected. The film shows the story of people who refused to participate in the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine on account of their beliefs. Although it should be allowed by the law, it is rarely applied in practice and one may even face a prison sentence for evading military service. Those who decide to take this step have only one option – to leave the country.

Link zur Filmseite vom Filmfest Krakau

Link zum Post von der Teampremiere

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